A journey which started about a year ago while traveling through the beautiful lands of our country, we became fascinated by the idea of discovering its culture and its wonderful heritage by taking its merchandise to the world. We wanted to build a boat which will have the fragrances of Bengal, the charm, and appeal of India and acceptance of the world. Your journey through our site will illustrate a picture of beautiful crafts and traditional creations from all across India, created at the very heart of it, with the touch and aroma of land, water, and air of its very own.

“CHARUKRITI” is a tribute by us, by being a forum for those small-scale craftsmen who are working at the villages for little remuneration and without any recognition. Let their smiling faces be the blessings for CHARUKRITI. Find your inner peace in the collections from our range of traditional and contemporary designs for your every delightful occasion and every wonderful story.